Why starting a business is like planting a plant

I always think that starting a business is like growing a plant – you have to sow the seed, let the roots develop and bingo one day you’ll see those amazing shoots arrive.

When a farmer plants new seed, he doesn’t turn up in the field the next day and expect to see a full crop of corn – it takes time! He must water, nurture and tend the seeds until they sprout and grow. Starting a business is much the same. If you have an idea, a passion, a will to change the status quo, then you have the drive to stick it out in the long term.

Find that passion and turn it into profit.
If you’ve got that passion for social change, or to drive a product that makes a difference to mainstream market, then you will show up day after day in your business. You’ll take the knocks and the rejections and plod on to other routes of opportunity. This is how a business and a brand grows. We help you to nurture and grow as a business and a brand.

Keep telling your authentic, true story and focus on your ‘WHY’. Your audience want to know what difference buying your product or using your service will make to them. Focus on being transparent, authentic and human and your business will stride forward into the limelight.

“An idea never starts out great – it grows into a great idea” Susan Hay – editor of Thrive Magazine