Woohoo – Mail Chimp landing pages are here

You’ve gottta love the chimp 🙂

For a long while my favourite of all of the email marketing tools has been Mail Chimp. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I haven’t tried and found positives to other software, but having tried over 15 different platforms, I always get dragged back to the ‘chimp’!

Apart from being super user friendly, Mail Chimp also offers great customer service. And now that they have added the availability of landing pages – and super to setup landing pages too. I want to grab that chimp by the hands and do the happy dance. if you’re thinking – what’s the big fuss about landing pages, then let me help.

What the bananas are landing pages for?
Landing pages are separate pages off your main website, their main aim is to entice your visitor to perform just one action; fill in the email capture form, accept an offer, buy a specific promotional product. etc etc. There’s no other distractions such as social media icons to click, they are focused on one ask.

But, why are they sitting off your main website I hear you cry?
Partly because of what I mentioned above – there are no distractions. If you consider sending traffic to your homepage of your website vs. a standalone landing page – your homepage is designed with a more general purpose in mind and many options for visitors to click and get distracted. Also landing pages help increase your conversion rates. The average conversion rate for a separate landing page is between 3-5.5%.

Always remember to be open with the message match. Nobody likes to be duped into a click!
Message matching, is when for example you are running an enticing Facebook Advert, you’ve worked your socks off on the visual of the ad, included a fantastic offer – 20% off these snazzy Christmas socks, but then your advert clicks through to a page that offers ties, shirts and maybe socks – big no no. This is a mismatch and your visitor will be confused and is likely to leave the page quicker than Usain Bolt!!!

This example shows a comparison of good and bad message match;
An example of bad message match
Ad: Get 30% off an Apple I-pad
Landing page message: Welcome to Apple Store

An example of good message match
Ad: Get 30% off an Apple I-pad
Landing page message: Get 30% off an Apple I-pad 4 only for today

Keep your message consistent, true and authentic – no click bait. Nobody likes being hooked into a dead fish 😉

So, you’re ready to give landing pages a try…

1) Carefully think through your offer and the advert or post that will bring your visitors to the landing page.
2) Remember to include the Call to Action – i.e. the email capture, offer button, purchase option.
3) Keep your main offer details at the top of the page, on the landing page, don’t make the visitor scroll for the offer.

Now, go create, build and fall in love with the ‘Chimp’. 🙂 Sue – Digital Divas X
P.S I’m not just a Chimp lover! There are other options when it comes to landing pages: Ontraport, Click Funnels, Thrive Themes, Unbounce, Instpage. The list is endless, you’ll find your perfect match.