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I launched Digital Divas to help business owners like you get over their fear of technology. To help you SIMPLIFY, connect AND automate your business so that you can get on with the importANT stuff.

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I know this page is usually called 'about me', but this is all about you, well, it's about me helping you!

I’m fed up of seeing fantastic business owners getting stuck with the ‘TECH’ in their business and dodging the digital. It’s time we put this stuff in its place and just got on with building the successful businesses we all deserve.

I’ve worked in design, branding and digital marketing for the last 22 years. I know how intimidating setting up software and connecting your business systems can be – but I also know that it’s actually really easy to learn.

I've worked with some of the top brands: including Jamie Oliver, River Cottage and Nuffield Health. I've grown their online audience up to hundreds of thousands engaged followers and increased their revenue 10-fold.

I'm here to share what I've learnt over the last 22 years with you. I keep it simple, strategic and show you the techniques and technology that actually works.


I’m here to support you through any technical blocks that you come up against in your own business. This is about getting digital aspects of your business in place, quickly and easily and gaining visability. Visibility and growth are crucial to having a successful online or offline business yet I know it's something that people struggle with.

From tips of how to Master Mailchimp, how to Grow Your Brand on Instagram and how to sell an online course.

In my 1-2-1  Coaching i'll help you to find out which platforms are perfect for your business - to save you valuable time. Keeping the technology simple, so you can relax and stop head butting your laptop when computer says NO! 

"It's time to bust through those technology blocks and move forward in your business"


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Absolutely the best decision I made working with Susan, What can I say from start to finish Susan has advised, answered all my questions and delivered. Her knowledge on social media is vast and she has helped us to grow, re-engage and develop a longstanding relationship with our followers. Thanks so much, much appreciated.

Ribble Catering


I have just had my first afternoon session with Sue of Digital Divas and I just wanted to share my experience with you as it might just help you too.

If you are struggling to get you head around digital marketing for your business there is no better person for the job than Sue of Digital Divas. She literally knows everything and is just the one to help give you the clarity and focus for you to develop an effective digital strategy to help your business thrive. Before I met Sue, I was implementing lots of digital strategies but tended to give up once they started to become too ‘techy’. That has all changed now I have a ‘tech mentor’ on board. There is nothing she will not try and work out for you. I would thoroughly recommend her services for any new or struggling business. I am now so excited to put all the strategies into action – thank you Sue!

Honey Bee Beautiful


“With the help of Sue, we’ve been able to turn our social media platforms from a barren landscape into a hive of activity by publishing not just information about our company and the products we sell, but also industry news, tips and tricks from around the globe. Without her help and expert advice, we’d still be playing catch up on this now important marketing platform”.

Lee Edwards
Horticultue Business

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