digital divas - course for female entreprenuers

Are you looking to launch an online course or program?

Don't know where to start? Or how to plan your launch, What emails to send?

Having a launch strategy is everything...
There’s a process and an order to launching a course, product, or service online and doing it with success.


Having a strategy is everything...

I can work closely with you to nail down your messaging and copy, build your target audience, plan out your email sequence and videos and guide you through the entire launch process from planning to launching to selling. There's a lot of connected parts to a successful launch!

I can help you to plan and map out your launch...

I discovered Jeff Walkers PLF system back in 2014 and have since become a online launch coach and worked with business owners including: Art Galleries to Leadership Coaches to product inventors and guitar teachers – helping them to plan and run successful 6 and 7 figure launches online.

If you’re looking to reach a wider audience and sell your online course, coaching offer or even a physical product – then let me work with you to launch with a plan, a process and strategy that works.

"If you're looking to launch an online course, or programme then I can help. I have trained with Jeff Walker on his Product Launch Formula and will work closely with you to build an strong audience list and product launch system."


BUSINESS STRATEGY DAY 1-2-1 with me, online or in-person

This private 1-2-1 day is to go through your entire business model and systems. To assess what's working and what isn't to simplify, strategise and plan for a streamline and profitable business that fits your lifestyle.

Your 1-2-1 Strategy Day will include:

• A full run through of the technology and systems you have in place in your business (no doubt are paying a big whack for).

• An analysis of your customer sales journey and advice on simplifying and personalising this.

• 1-2-1 training on an email marketing strategy and social media

• A full post meet report and step-by-step growth plan to simplify,  organise and grow your business.

• A follow up skype call (30mins) to make sure you’re on track

• Tea, coffee or gin and cakes on me (unless remote)

It is a unique meeting for high level work, to get your business working way better, smoother and more simple for you.

Who is this for?
Women business owners, entrepreneurs, Shopify owners,
e-commerce businesses, coaches and all online businesses. Entrepreneurs who have done well getting it to this stage and now want the big push to grow, but to also free themselves up for the important things in life.

Where will the meeting take place?
Don’t worry, we’ll work out a place that we can meet that is perfect for us both. if you do happen to live in the wildest remote place we can always carry this out over 2 split sessions on Skype.

Why I can help you?
I’ve worked in the digital design & marketing industry for the last 21 years. I know how intimidating setting up software and connecting your business systems can be – but I also know that it’s actually really easy to unlock it’s potential. I’ve launched and managed a number of online businesses and have grown their audiences into profitable, engaged communities. From an outside and clear perspective I will give you a personalised roadmap for your online business.



This is a 8 week coaching 1-2-1 coaching offer to help you nail down your brand misssion, your brand message and your brand visuals - so that you have a focused plan to build your brand and business online.

Your BRAND COACHING will include:

• We nail down your ideal business audience
• We form your brand messaging and tone of voice
• Brand design session - to create your visual brand materials
• Create 2 brilliant lead magnets for email list building
• Refresh your website DESIGN AND CONTENT (if needed)
• Bring brand consistency to your social media channels  
• Create a social media strategy document - so that you can plan forward and save time
• Create your 12 month Brand Strategy Plan - so that you can stay on track when you finish the course and grow your brand.
• Set you up on Mailchimp for email marketing

It is a unique 1-2-1 coaching offer, to nail down your brand mission, message, visuals and strategy.

Who is this for?
Are you already an authority in your industry, maybe a nutritionist, a property expert, a marketing or sales expert? Then it's time to share and make a profit from your expertise. This 12 week mentorship will take you from idea to product/brand consistency in 8 weeks.

Where will the meeting take place?
All coaching calls (weekly) will take place over ZOOM video calling..

Why I can help you?
I’ve worked in design, branding and digital marketing for over 21 years. I've worked with amazing brands over that time, including Jamie Oliver, Pukka Teas, Mars, Danone and more. But, my passion is helping business owners like you to create an amazing brand strategy to help you launch and grow your business and brand online. I’ve launched and managed a number of online businesses and have grown their audiences into profitable, engaged communities.




Absolutely the best decision I made working with Susan, What can I say from start to finish Susan has advised, answered all my questions and delivered. Her knowledge on social media is vast and she has helped us to grow, re-engage and develop a longstanding relationship with our followers. Thanks so much, much appreciated.

Ribble Catering


I have just had my first afternoon session with Sue of Digital Divas and I just wanted to share my experience with you as it might just help you too.

If you are struggling to get you head around digital marketing for your business there is no better person for the job than Sue of Digital Divas. She literally knows everything and is just the one to help give you the clarity and focus for you to develop an effective digital strategy to help your business thrive. Before I met Sue, I was implementing lots of digital strategies but tended to give up once they started to become too ‘techy’. That has all changed now I have a ‘tech mentor’ on board. There is nothing she will not try and work out for you. I would thoroughly recommend her services for any new or struggling business. I am now so excited to put all the strategies into action – thank you Sue!

Honey Bee Beautiful


“With the help of Sue, we’ve been able to turn our social media platforms from a barren landscape into a hive of activity by publishing not just information about our company and the products we sell, but also industry news, tips and tricks from around the globe. Without her help and expert advice, we’d still be playing catch up on this now important marketing platform”.

Lee Edwards
Horticultue Business

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